Coaching to us is about building a trusting relationship with someone in order to identify actions each individual can take to drive behavioural change in order to achieve their goals, albeit on a personal level or as part of an organisational undertaking.

Our ongoing professional and academic experience means we are well-versed in the theory and real-world practicalities of successfully coaching someone to their goals.

What we’ve found though is that successful coaching is not only based on this experience, but also on establishing a good rapport. These together enable us to tailor our approach to each situation with each individual so they can work confidently towards their goals.


How would this work for you?

Our time together would begin with a complimentary face-to-face meeting where we discuss your goals or those of your organisation and how our experience can help you achieve them, as well as scope out how we would work together in a way that suits you.

One of the most important foundations to our relationship is confidentiality.

What we discuss always stays strictly between you and your chosen coach, and we would always meet in an environment where you feel safe and comfortable to speak freely without fear, whether that be face-to-face, via video call using FaceTime or Skype, or over the phone.


Should you decide this is for you

If you feel confident we can work together and we agree to move forward, our sessions focus around us listening to your background, understanding your values and the perspectives which have lead to you setting your sights on these goals.

We’ll then look at what options you want to consider to develop an action plan for achieving your goals.

Crucially, we’ll also identify the support you would like from your coach and others to ensure you reach your goals through the inevitable ups and downs, giving you a plan you can have confidence in and feel motivated to implement.


If there are goals you feel Executive Coaching would help you achieve, send us a message to outline your needs and set up your complimentary meeting.