When you think you can’t achieve, remember Master Oogway

When the chips are down and you think you can’t achieve your goals… …focus on the present, learn from the past and your future can be realised

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When Personalities collide

You may have recently seen a friend post on Facebook or Twitter the results of their iPersonic Personality Type test, revealing themselves as an Analytical Thinker who likes to get to the bottom of things, or a Spontaneous Idealist with a contagious zest for life. Did you complete the test? What did you think of the […]

Ispire Be Awesome

On your marks…get set…be Awesome

Have you ever had a big event in your diary, something like a key client presentation which you’re giving, a job interview or your first meeting with the Company Directors? The kind of big event where you get nervous beforehand and on occasions those nerves have got the better of you? “Will they buy what […]


“When you do things from your soul…

…you feel a river moving in you, a joy.” This is a quote by a 13th century chap called Rumi, and is the foreword written in the book Eleven Rings: The Soul of Success written by Phil Jackson and Hugh Delehanty. Jackson is considered one of the greatest head coaches in NBA (that’s basketball) history, winning 6 […]