Condition your Mind Programme

The Condition your Mind programme is designed to anchor your mental approach around 4 key stages that are critical to world-class performance in any sport.

These 4 components provide a basis of understanding from which we develop your own personalised approach to being on top of all areas, incorporating your training schedule and the other priorities in your life so you arrive at the start line with an unwavering focus on achieving your goal.


Pre-event Prep

Setting yourself up for success is the first step to realising any goal.

Pre-event Prep looks at your approach to preparing for the stage upon which you are going to perform, establishing a mindset and approach to your training and lifestyle that sets you on the path to success.


Exercise Focus

Within any sport there are components which are repeated throughout competition, be a shot in Golf, an obstacle in OCR, each stroke in Swimming or each stride when Running.

In Exercise Focus, we establish a clear approach to employ before, during and after each repetition that enables you to assess and incorporate the unique situation that exercise will be executed in. This sets you up appropriately to tackle any challenge thrown your way.


Mental Toughness

Your ability to use your mental strength to keep moving forwards confidently separates a winner from the rest of the field.

Mental Toughness looks at your strategy and your attitude to maintaining focus on realising that strategy throughout the competition.


Performance Analysis

What you do after a race is as critical to success as what you do before.

In Performance Analysis, we combine your performance data with your personal recollections from the event to recognise strengths, outline plans and mindsets for approaching areas for development, and celebrate success.


The CONDITION YOUR MIND programme is available virtually* or face-to-face** in one of the following ways:

The Full Programme – 5 x 1-hour sessions – £300***

A one-off bespoke session – 1 x 1 hour – £75***

Contact me to discuss your specific needs and book your preferred package, and see how the CONDITION YOUR MIND Programme can take your performance to new levels.

*   Remote call via Skype or FaceTime
**  Depending on location to Bishops Stortford, United Kingdom
*** Price inclusive of VAT