I cannot recommend highly enough how much you should spend time exploring the ey.com/rydercup website for fantastic insights into the importance of strong, effective Leadership in achieving any team goal.

You might have heard or seen that Europe recently won the 2014 Ryder Cup at Gleneagles, and in the post-match interviews every single player on the European team commenting on how fantastic a leader and captain Paul McGinley was.

The EY website has videos and blogs from Paul and fellow winning Ryder Cup Captains on what it takes as a leader to build the platform for success.

How everything is geared towards building the platform of belief that the team can succeed in achieving their goal.

How responsibility is shared amongst everyone in the team, with each and every single person being recognised and respected for what strengths they bring to the table.

How the captain communicates clearly and respectfully with everyone, engaging them in the vision for the team, listening to their opinions as well as reassuring them of the role they play along the way.

How the captain trusts that he has built the right platform to empower his team to go and do what they do best – use their skills to the best of their abilities in the given situation to achieve the teams’ goal.

Whether it’s business or sport, the role of a leader isn’t easy and is as critical to success as all the other roles within the team.

But with the right support, insight and belief, leading a team to success can be one of the most rewarding experiences in life.



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