Hello and welcome to the Ispire Motivational Coaching blog, and my first post.

After a few months getting the things sorted to set up this venture (most of which I never thought about at first), I’m sitting here in Starbucks Bishop’s Stortford asking myself “right, where do I start?”.

Which is kind of ironic really as that’s where the journey begins for most people with any goal, and it’s what I will ultimately be able to help you or your organisation with through the tailored coaching, training and mentoring that I can provide.

You may have a professional goal in mind, something you’ve always dreamed of doing or are wanting to do to get you to a better place in life, and you’ve asked this very same question.

So I’m going to start at the end because if I don’t know where I’m trying to get to, how will I know which direction to start walking.

The end here is what Ispire Motivational Coaching is all about and how it could benefit you.

I’ve set up Ispire Motivational Coaching to do what I enjoy doing – coaching people to achieve their goals.

Coaching has been a big part of my professional and personal life, and I have experienced some fantastic moments watching the people I’ve coached successfully achieve their goals.

The Motivational element comes from the approach I take.

I always believe anything is possible and you can get to your goals with the right planning and preparation and with the right environment to learn along the way.

The blog is going to be the place where I expand more on these points and share some tips and perspectives around what’s on my mind and my areas of expertise, and I hope these points will be of help to you.

Of course not all tips will work for everyone, and that’s fine. To me that’s the challenge of coaching and the fun of working with people – finding the key to unlock each individuals potential and achieve their goal.

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If you prefer to get your updates through the web, you can bookmark the blog page or add it to your mobile devices’ home page. Just remember to check it every so often 😉

So if you like what you’re reading please keep doing so, and if you have a particular goal in mind that you’d like my support and perspective on, get in touch and I’ll be happy to talk.