I was chatting with a successful mate of mine tonight who had come up with another great idea for a product. Then he started doubting himself, finding ways which mean the idea can’t come to life.

He comes up with lots of these, but somehow his passion wanes when he considers the details of bringing such an idea to life.

So tonight I asked him 3 questions:

1. How passionate out of 10 are you about this idea?

2. What’s going to be the thing that makes the customer say “I want this”?

3. What’s stopping you making this happen?

He couldn’t answer them straight away, so I followed up with this:

You have a unique gift to be able to come up with tangible ideas that could change peoples lives in some way. Most people can’t do that.

You have the technical ability to make those ideas come to life.

But what you do is doubt yourself shortly after having those ideas. From what I’ve seen it’s when some realities – sometimes financial, sometimes other things – kick in, you doubt yourself and then the idea doesn’t always come to fruition.

If your passion for this is 10 before you think of the hurdles, follow it with your heart and your head, you’ve proven to yourself before you have the ability to succeed.

If you think you’ve understood the customer need to say ‘I want this’, then you’ll tailor your marketing to suit that need.

And when you list what’s stopping you, for each one work out how you could work around or over each thing on that list. I bet 95% are conquerable and the other 5% you’ll scratch from that list.

Great success involve limitless thinking, so be limitless.

He was very grateful for this. So much so he said I should share it on my blog so others could benefit next time they have an idea.

So with his permission, here you go – Next time you have an idea, answer those 3 questions (or call me to help you answer them)



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