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Improved productivity and communication from using Notability

I’ve recently found an app which I’m really excited to be using.

It’s called Notability and in short is an electronic notepad, but with a few bonus features I know are going to improve my productivity and communication with those individuals and organisations who I am coaching towards their goals.

The app gives you what you might expect from electronic paper, including various colour and size options for the ‘pen’ as well as cut and paste, erase and a choice of different types of paper.

But the thing I’ve found quite impressive is that you can upload your own PDF files (along with other file formats including PowerPoint and Word) and annotate and edit them on the go.

For me this is fantastic, as I can create my own headed PDF template on my laptop, send to Notability and duplicate as many times as I want for each client.

The fact I can hand-write my comments I’m also really pleased about, as it will add a personal touch which is a cornerstone of the way I like to work.

I also find the time-saving element of making notes this way a big plus, as the notes I make during my client discussions can be instantly emailed at the end of the meeting. Each document is also backed up through iCloud, which helps.

If you’re tired of writing up long notes after a meeting or are looking to lighten your bag a little, then this might be up your street.