Ispire Be Awesome

Have you ever had a big event in your diary, something like a key client presentation which you’re giving, a job interview or your first meeting with the Company Directors? The kind of big event where you get nervous beforehand and on occasions those nerves have got the better of you?

“Will they buy what I’m selling?”, “I really want this job, but am I good enough to get it?” or “What will people think of me?” are all questions you may have asked at these times and not been able to answer.

The truth is you can’t really answer them as the answers are out of your control, and it’s this feeling which fuels the nerves.

Here’s a technique which has helped the aspiring professionals I’ve coached (and me) to beat the nerves and be confident of achieving the goal of being great in those big events.

Be awesome, not nervous

First off, think about a time when you’ve had one of those big events, have been cool, calm and collected and got the result you were hoping for.

What was it that you did to prepare that enabled you to feel confident going into that big, successful event?

Under the heading ‘When I’m going to be Awesome’, take 5 minutes to write down all the things you can think of which were under your control and helped make the big event a success.

A few may appear to be insignificant, but they are all things which you did that made you feel comfortable, confident and in control ahead of that last big event and it’s these that you want to be able to recreate again and again.

Plan adequate time ahead of the your next big event to put what’s on your list into place.

Some things may take minutes, some may take days or weeks, but it’s crucial you plan adequate time ahead of the event to put what’s on your list into place.

Your comfort and confidence from your preparation will come from feeling you’ve covered all the things which you’ve proven are important to your success.

“But what if there isn’t enough time?” you might ask.

The time you’ll have to prepare for the big event will always vary. With weeks or months to prepare you’ll be able to have all of your ‘When I’m going to be Awesome’ list in place and feel super confident heading into the event.

However, if you don’t have enough time to prepare for the full list, you don’t want to be panicked as that will bring the nerves back in.

So identify the Top 3 things from your list which you can realistically implement no matter how much time you have.

This way you still have actions which you can confidently control, whatever time you have to prepare.

Finally, remember your list and practice it.

Having taken 10-15 minutes to identify what you need to do when you’re going to be Awesome, when things are busy it can be easy to forget what you’ve proven is important to you in reaching your goal at the big event.

So keep your your list somewhere close to hand (your laptop’s desktop, your notepad, your phone under the contact Awesome) and remember to go straight to that list whenever a big event comes into your diary.

Over time you’ll become more and more aware of what you need to do to be Awesome when it matters most, and through practicing this technique you’ll be more and more confident in achieving this goal.

If you have a personal challenge related to this post and would like to discuss in more detail, please get in touch and I’ll be happy to see how we can get you to your goal of overcoming that challenge.