As you may have seen or heard yesterday, history was made when European Space Agency scientists successfully landed a man-made research vehicle on a comet 600 million km away.

Pretty cool stuff that’s being compared to man landing on the moon in its’ size of achievement for mankind.

Now put yourself in those scientists’ shoes 20+ years ago, with a goal of landing on a comet.

Would you have believed it could be done?

Seems a little far-fetched, ‘impossible’ maybe, and no doubt some people at the time doubted those scientists’ ambition.

But those scientists believed it could be done; planning, executing and recalculating their plan to make the ‘impossible’ possible.

Sure it took 20+ years and they will have gone through a roller-coaster ride of emotions, but ideas as grand as landing on a comet can take this long.

So next time you think something is ‘impossible’, consider some of what was needed in order to land a vehicle on a comet and make your plan to make that ‘impossible’ possible.

(and if you need a hand developing that plan, give me a call).



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