When technology lets you down

Ever had this happen to you in a presentation? Maybe not quite to the same extent, but it can be really really frustrating and feel like there’s people in morph suits running around your head. Avoid the frustration…have a back up plan Graham


“When you do things from your soul…

…you feel a river moving in you, a joy.” This is a quote by a 13th century chap called Rumi, and is the foreword written in the book Eleven Rings: The Soul of Success written by Phil Jackson and Hugh Delehanty. Jackson is considered one of the greatest head coaches in NBA (that’s basketball) history, winning 6 […]

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Notepad 2.0

I’ve recently found an app which I’m really excited to be using. It’s called Notability and in short is an electronic notepad, but with a few bonus features I know are going to improve my productivity and communication with those individuals and organisations who I am coaching towards their goals. The app gives you what you […]