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4 steps to a mindset that sets you up for success

With ‘A’ races on the horizon, here are 4 steps to a mindset that sets you up for success…


Why do we always strive for more?

Have you ever wondered why we are always looking for more in this sport of OCR? Whether it be new obstacles, longer distances, new environments to race in, more goodies at the end of a race, we always seem to be asking for more of the experience we invest in. There often seems to be […]

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Is it better to try and fail than not try at all?

There’s a quandary becoming more apparent amongst many in the OCR community, one that might be ringing true for you right now…is it better to try and fail than not try at all? On the one hand you’ve got those who are all for the challenge, whatever the outcome. They seek the enjoyment of being […]


Bypassing the drama to OCRWC success

Credit: Joshua Earle Picture the scene… It’s autumn 2016, the leaves are turning, the sun still shines occasionally and the mud is becoming that little bit stickier as the rains soften up the areas that weren’t boggy. You’ve completed a few OCRs, you have the ‘kisses’, scrapes and medals to prove it and one October […]

Ispire Motivational Coaching | 3 Generations - Multiple Values - Infinite Possibilities

3 Generations – Multiple Values – Infinite Possibilities

For some years now, the topic of Generation X, Generation Y and now Generation Z and the relationships between each cohort has been ever-present in conversations at the water fountains, in boardrooms and smoothie bars of organisations around the world. These three groups now make up the majority of the working population, occupying positions from […]


Turning 30, Ronaldo vs. Messi and so much more…

Graham recently sat down for the Dimlightenment podcast to explore a variety of subjects affecting Millennials in today’s business and sporting world. ‘Turning 30’, ‘Spartan racing’, ‘the Drama Triangle‘, ‘Carl Jung’, ‘Ronaldo vs Messi’, ‘Doping in Sport’ and much more are discussed. We hope you enjoy hearing the insights.