If we avoid the Drama Triangle, could we become more?

Drama seems to be present more and more in today’s society, or at least it feels that way. From the apparent disparity in behaviour between Millennials and the Generations that gave birth to them, to the expressions of frustration and displeasure at those who organise the Obstacle Course Races ran, those who provide the products […]


Take Time to Enjoy the Pour

So today I had this experience that really got me thinking about how we can give ourselves time to grow in these rapidly-accelerated times. I’m in a Starbucks and order one of their pots of tea, mainly for the free refill you get which will come in handy whilst I decided how to put my […]

Ispire | iPersonic Screenshot

When Personalities collide

You may have recently seen a friend post on Facebook or Twitter the results of their iPersonic Personality Type test, revealing themselves as an Analytical Thinker who likes to get to the bottom of things, or a Spontaneous Idealist with a contagious zest for life. Did you complete the test? What did you think of the […]