I’ve been a bit quiet these last few weeks, having taken some time to recharge the batteries with a fantastic holiday with the family.

Holiday’s are great because it’s time to get away from the hustle and bustle, time to visit somewhere new or disappear to that place that feels like a second home.

I find holiday’s are also great because you get a moment to switch off and let your mind rest a little.

You’d be surprised how much day-to-day working life stifles your creativity with the brain often choosing to conform to the norm, avoid facing a fear or a choosing less-difficult path.

Those obstacles and procrastinations are a key component to prevent your goals being achieved or even identified in the first place.

So next time you’re on holiday and you’ve finally switched off from everything at work, take that perfect opportunity to let your mind wonder and dream.

Dream about anything to do with you and your future and ask yourself some questions on the way.

“What would I be if there were no limits?”, “How could I get there?”, “What would I need to change to get there?”, “Who could help me get there?”.

Be creative with your dream. Be child-like with your dream. It’s your dream and you can make it what you want it to be.

If you find yourself having a thought then putting a caveat or but straight after, stop yourself and think how you could positively get to where you dream to be.

The aim is to let your mind be free of if’s, but’s, hurdles and obstacles, get you thinking positively about making the future you want for yourself and realising how much that future is within your control.

I did it on my way back from this trip and I’m certainly looking forward making my dreams come true in the days and months ahead.

Give dreaming a go on your next holiday. You may be surprised at what you come out with and what you decide to take forwards when you return to work all refreshed and recharged.