Born and raised in North London and still living here as am yet to let go off this place.

I very much enjoy learning new things, whether it be inside or outside my work life. I am always keen to increase my knowledge to further improve myself and especially my ability as a coach.

Being able to help people to realise their full potential is something I am incredibly passionate about. By aiding them to understand what it is they want to achieve, enabling them to see what is needed to make that vision a reality, and creating a supportive and motivating environment, continuously throughout the process, those who I work with feel like they can get what they want.


My Career So Far 

I started off with a BSc in Economics from the University of Birmingham whilst spending 2 of my summers interning at Deloitte within the Audit department. I quickly came to realise that this wasn’t the career of choice for myself but I still did not know what it was that I was looking for.

This led to a role at SThree as a Recruitment Consultant placing front line staff into the NHS. I came to realise that the role had an element which gave me great satisfaction – not only was I helping people find a job, but I was placing them into positions that in-turn were contributing to saving lives. I was really making a difference to people.

I then transitioned into the world of Learning and Development as a Sales Development Coach, and haven’t looked back since. Training and Coaching people from the day they start through to them being perceived as experts and leaders within a business is what I wake up for each day, and it excites me to have been part of each individuals’ journey to becoming a better version of themselves.

To continue my own development so I can effectively support others, I obtained the CMI Level 5 Certification in Management Coaching and Mentoring, and I continue to explore my own capabilities so I can be appropriately equipped to support those who I work with.


Why Should Get in Touch

I thrive off working with people and watching them have that lightbulb moment in realising that they can achieve their goals and what they need to do to get there. Moreover, the satisfaction it brings to see them actually achieve it and the part I have played in it, no matter how large or small that may have been, is humbling for me. If we can even change your perception on the situation then we are that one step closer to the solution.

We can identify skills gaps, design relevant training solutions and facilitate engaging learning experiences with appropriate follow up to ensure those skills are been embedded.

Our one-to-one engagements will help you find the right solution for you and the business within which you work, and will support and motivate you in understanding how to apply the right behaviours to achieve not only your goal, but the goals of those around you.




BSc (Hons) Economics | 2.1 | University of Birmingham | 2009
CMI Level 5 Certificate in Management Coaching and Mentoring | 2017


I’d like to support you in getting where you would like to be, so please get in touch so we can explore how that can happen.