We are all part of a system

Whether it’s at a leadership team level or a team delivering a component of success to the business, we are all part of teams and teams-within-teams that have an intricate system of connections, emotions and influences that need to be working in harmony for the overall system to achieve.

Traditionally, team development interventions have focused on advancing the skill sets of individuals without giving attention to the system in which those skills are to be applied. This often leads to sub-optimal implementation of those skills in the real world, and questions like ‘was that training really worth it?’

In the future success will not be driven by the performance of individuals alone. Exceptional performance for organisations will come from concerted efforts from the teams within the system to understand each other, embrace the unique capabilities of all and have the agility to learn together to consistently shape and adapt to the needs of their customers and the outside world.


Sustainable change requires sustained focus

With Ispire you don’t get an off-the-shelf approach to developing a high-performance team.

Our partnership begins with a detailed insight into the needs you are looking to address and, crucially, the wider system within which any change is expected to operate. Those needs could range from enabling the whole system to transform into teams that live and breathe learning agility, to raising individual awareness of the impact of their behaviours and inviting them to change them.

Typically this insight would take up-to a day. From there you will receive a comprehensive, bespoke proposal around the interventions best-suited to achieve your desired goals that could include facilitation of large system-wide learning events, focused team development initiatives or 1:1 coaching.

One thing that is guaranteed is there will be no one-off events proposed on their own. Change can only be sustainable if the system as a whole commits to change, and this can never be achieved in that one moment.

The insights day and proposal are completely free of charge.

If you like what you see we can discuss how we take that proposal forward and make it reality, all with one aim – transforming your team and system to realise its full potential and become truly high performing.


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