“As a team we felt we needed some guidance on effective brief-writing and communication both internally and externally.

Ispire took the time to find out what we felt was lacking, what we wanted from the day and really got a feel for what our expectations were. We were sent exercises to do and questions to mull over in preparation for the event.

The day itself was everything and more. We were given practical exercises to carry out as well as time to consider and reflect and work as a group.

The way Graham was able to understand us both individually and as a team; our core values and morals was uncanny. He helped us to see where we were possibly going wrong and showed us alternative routes by which we could be more effective, transparent and efficient. It was surprising that the answers all lay within ourselves and just needed the expertise of his knowledge to wean it out.

His calming, humorous, informal manner worked well with our team and he soon became someone we could work with and confide in.

I cannot recommend Graham and Ispire enough; he has worked wonders for us and we are happily putting the changes into practice with bountiful results. He has shown us we are greater than the sum of our parts and has helped reinforce the team concept.”

Nishma | Dental Clinical Fellow | February 2019

“I attribute a very large part of my success this season to you. I think this season would have been a lot different without your help. I enjoyed my training more than ever this year thanks to some of our sessions, which is a big factor in performance, along with how you helped me cope with any race and travel stress.”

Lindsay | Professional OCR Athlete | October 2018

“I just wanted to thank you for the last two days. It goes without saying that I really enjoyed spending time and training with you but your enthusiasm, knowledge and attention to detail made for a really engaging course.”

Wendy | Multi-market Learning & Development Lead | October 2016

“It was really weird because as I approached it I was thinking “here we go!” but then a lane became available so I just went for it without over-thinking. In my head I was like, hand, feet, hand repeat and before I knew it I was running down the hill the other side, brilliant!

Thanks for your help, I honestly didn’t think talking to someone would help but it so did and I’m grateful for that ❤️

Michael | Elite OCR Athlete | October 2016

“Mate caught up on the Q and As with you and Joe and some awesome stuff on there. Really helped prep my mind on way to PT barn this morning! You helped me have a genuinely positive approach towards the day. Going out there with a mind of I will complete every obstacle. Using the basis of thinking of each obstacle ahead, which ones i could speed through and which to conserve energy. But when I failed the rig at (literally) the last point, I didnt let it drag me down and focused on the next objective. And at the end of it I got the technique that will get me through that section of a rig. It also showed that the guys that went hard at the begining got left behind by the time it was the end of the round! So overall, many lessons learnt today!”

Jake | Elite OCR Athlete | September 2016

“Graham has helped me over the past 2 years in my personal training business, I originally requested Graham to help me get the best out of my clients, which he has done very successfully causing my clients to get fantastic results. Along the way he has also helped me get the best out of myself,  which has helped push my business on leaps and bounds”

Jonny | Business Owner, Personal Trainer | August 2016

“I found that you provided a confidential sounding board that enabled me to voice my own thoughts in a safe environment. You were able to affirm the direction in which I was heading but suggest subtle changes of direction to create the most effective impact.

Our discussions helped me to view the emotionally draining elements of my role more clearly – especially when dealing with staff appraisals that were challenging, confrontational issues and a change in organisational culture.

The CEO role is one of constant learning and your coaching support – even with just three sessions – has provided me with some of the foundational elements that will guide me well going forward.

Thank you!”

Robert | CEO | May 2015

“I was fortunate enough to win a Facebook competition for a month’s free coaching with Graham Roberts of Ispire Motivational Coaching. Having had lots of business coaching in the past I was unsure initially of what to expect and how beneficial the sessions would be.

I very quickly realised that Graham is a very different sort of coach (in a good way!) I left each session feeling more motivated, positive, organised and far less stressed! Somehow we started with a big problem at the beginning of each session and by the end it was totally dealt with and I was confident enough to go and deal with it effectively on my own.

What I really like about Graham’s coaching is the way he managed to bring the answers out of my head when I didn’t realise they were in there! I’ve found that because all the answers come from me and we work through them together it means that I am learning to deal with other situations much better.

I can honestly say that as a result of just 3 sessions with Graham my business has gone from strength to strength. One of the areas I wanted to work on was my interaction with new clients and increasing my conversion rate. This has already risen from around 30% to 70% in a short space of time and I am so much more confident too.

Thank you Graham for your help and support, I can’t wait to work with you again in the future.”

Angela | Property Matchmaker | February 2015

“I found the training programme for the coaching role very fluid and logical. It’s a great tool to have not just on the job but in everyday life and Graham is a brilliant tutor with a lot of patience :)”

Lavinia | Key Account Manager | December 2014

“Graham offered his assistance for a work presentation on a one to one basis.  I found Graham’s approach and professionalism to be excellent with the advice given on presentation skills invaluable when preparing for and subsequently carrying out the seminar.  I would highly recommend, thank you Graham.”

Jonathan | Solicitor | November 2014

“Some excellent ideas for me to try plus the confidence to go ahead and do what I know is correct!”

Simon | Director of Golf | July 2014

“Really good session. Graham has a very good style and I felt totally supported throughout the call. We spent sufficient time clarifying my objective at the beginning of the call, and by the end this had been successfully achieved. Great session!”

James | IT Manager | March 2014

“Your blog about the Awesome list really helped put me in a good mindset and brought a smile to my face which helped.”

Stuart | Lead Technology Specialist | February 2014

“I find Graham’s attention to detail and his dedication to the task in hand both inspiring and motivating and I feel my own abilities have excelled over the past few years as a result of this. I recently applied for a new position and Graham provided me with support and guidance throughout the application and interview process. As a result of this I was successful in securing the position and have grown in confidence as I begin to move through my career. His leadership and mentoring skills have been invaluable. He has given me the confidence to believe in myself to reach my own goals and aspirations.”

Sarah | Business Insights Lead | December 2013

“Working together with you at an individual level has also greatly supported my development. I feel I have developed significant leadership skills that has benefited me in my role and to progress into new positions.”

Mahi | Experienced Sales Representative | September 2013

“On a personal note you have been a tremendous support to me over the past months helping me with my development, as you know I am eager to develop and progress in my career. You have opened my eyes to new ways of thinking and working and have always believed in my abilities and encouraged me to speak up and be confident.”

Diane | Sales Representative | September 2013

“From the day I was successful in securing the job in Graham’s team, to the day I was promoted to another team, Graham provided a level of support and coaching that was tailored to me and my needs at that time. Graham sought every opportunity to create development opportunities for me, and coached me successfully to improve my performance in order to hit my business objectives.”

Kate | Learning & Development Trainer | September 2013

For insight into why these people have felt this way, check out the Ispire blog.