With the New Year bringing desires to change and achieve something, here’s my recipe for defining and achieving a goal.



1 Goal

4 pints of Resources

2 gallons of Support

8 gallons of Patience

Even more Self-Belief

1 pinch of Lady Luck



1. Take one thought of something you’d like to achieve (the Goal), preferably something that you’re passionate about seeing the result from pursuing.

2. Carefully measure out what Resources you’ll need to achieve the Goal.

3. Reality-check the Goal and Resources by letting them rest for a day or two.

4. Know who you are going to call upon to support you through your pursuit of your Goal and share your Goal with them.

5. Be Patient and retain Self-Belief as you whisk it all together.

6. Work hard, have fun and enjoy – Goals cook better that way.


*Actual volumes may vary




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